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Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

FoundersLane hosted a get-together with a group of selected executives from the field of corporate venture building in the digital health sector

2021 Climate Trends to look out for

We have chosen 4 key areas in this newsletter, which we are excited to see some big steps forward in, in 2021.

The most important app on your phone?

My national corona app is the first line of defence and helps users break the chain of infection.

What did you learn from 2020?

There are many reasons to be positive and many things to be grateful for as we move into the new year.

Is Fighting Climate Change like going to the Gym?

Fighting Climate Change requires long-term motivation and dedication - just like going to the Gym.

What would it take to sell your car?

In cities across the world, it’s becoming easier than ever to go car-free. What would it take for your to sell your car?

3 healthcare trends to watch out for in 2021

The need for change becomes more obvious with every week that this pandemic holds on. I collected three healthcare trends to watch out for in 2021.