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Accelerate the global transformation towards a healthy & sustainable planet

While the climate countdown runs incessantly with intensifying effects on our

nature, health, business, and social lives, today's transformation towards our 2030-2050 goals is too slow and timid. If we don't act in time, we hit tipping points in nature that lead to irreversible implications. We have to do all we can to prevent this from happening.

Today's transformation is too slow and timid

Execution is tough as whole ecosystems, industries, political and social infrastructures need to adapt in a short amount of time. Our systemic challenges can only be solved with collaboration, strong willpower, innovation, and fast-scaling alternatives to the status quo. Achieving this sounds easier than done.

 We often get intimidated by the sheer magnitude of this global challenge and also struggle with the adaption of our own personal habits. A lack of information, missing mutual support, role models, and empowering visions of a better future intensify this cycle and result in slow incremental steps instead of true transformation.

What can we do to change that?

We need future-fit and empowered leaders

Future-fit and empowered leaders

All our activities are focused on empowering future-fit leaders on an individual and industry level by facilitating and stimulating mutual support, encouragement, awareness, inspiration, knowledge exchange, and partnership building.

see FightBack Academy & FightBack Community


International cross-sector opportunities

We believe there is huge potential in yet untapped cross-sector synergies that will lead to new solutions, business models, and collaborations for sustainable change.

We drive research in cross-sector areas to identify scaling potential.

see FightBack Institute

Fast-scaling innovation

Current solutions will not be sufficient to reach our net-zero and health goals in time.

More innovation is required in a shorter amount of time while this often lacks access to the right people. We support selected entrepreneurs with direct access to partners and funding.

see FightBack INNO\VATORS program

Global awareness and societal change

Global change needs global awareness that leads to more conscious decisions.

To achieve this, we launch new alliances and collaboration projects at the intersection of climate and health to empower millions to make better decisions for our future.

see Dr. Earth: Food Campaign

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