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Wie steht der Endkonsument zur Planetary Health Diet?

Eine aktuelle Marktforschung zur Kommunikation von gesunder und nachhaltiger Ernährung und insbesondere der Planetary Health Diet.

  • Wie ist die tatsächliche Ernährung?

  • Gibt es Veränderungswünsche?

  • Was sind die Barrieren und Ängste?

  • Wie kommt die Planetary Health Diet an?

  • Wie müsste eine App aussehen?

  • Wer sollte sie vermitteln?


Representive Results

Our study offers meaningful results thanks to a representative population of active online users.

Clear Implication

For companies, food brands and canteens, this study offers recommendations for action that can be implemented immediately.

Combinded Expertise

Our market research combines the research expertise, digitization know-how and industry knowledge of FightBack experts and partners from a wide range of industries.

Unique & Current

The first comprehensive research on behavioral changes in the context of healthy and sustainable nutrition in Germany.

Executive Summary

In autumn 2022, FightBack carried out a 2-part study in cooperation with the agency Curth + Roth. In the first part of the study, an online community was created from September 26th to October 24th, 2022 and 50 people were followed for 1 month. The participants had to answer questions and contributions to 4 different topics. These are as follows:

Optimal and actual nutrition

change processes

Sustainability in terms of understanding and perception of brands

Planetary Health Diet


Phase 2 of the study was carried out from December 19th to 28th, 2020. A representative survey of 1,500 people nationwide was conducted in an online panel according to age, gender, income, education and federal state. The aim and purpose were to review the qualitative results from the first part of the study, as well as the statistical review of the personas and the review of the hypotheses developed in phase 1 on the components of optimal communication.


The Dr.Earth Food Alliance was launched by FightBack and has set itself the goal of getting 10 million Germans enthusiastic about sustainable, ecological and healthy nutrition by 2025. This diet is based on the Planetary Health Diet. This market research study serves as the basis for a communication and marketing strategy that reaches as many people as possible and makes the Planetary Health Diet attractive to the mainstream.


FightBack market research focuses on conveying and communicating healthy and sustainable nutrition, in particular the Planetary Health Diet, to the end consumer. It was important to find out how tonality should be, what the biggest barriers, wishes, fears and challenges are that need to be considered in order to enable effective and targeted communication. The aim and purpose is to support the transformation of the food system in Germany in order to make a contribution to healthier and more sustainable nutrition for all people, to achieve climate goals and to convert the offer in canteens and supermarkets to the Planetary Health Diet.

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Zielgruppe: Bevölkerung ab 18 Jahren
Quoten: Bundesweit repräsentativ nach Alter, Geschlecht, Bundesland und Haushaltsgröße, keine Kreuzquotierungen
Fallzahl: n = 1.000 Brutto-Interviews, Random-Selection nach Quoten
Stichprobe: Online-Interviews über das OmniQuest OmniPanel
Methode: CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews)
Fragebogen: 24 offene/geschlossene Fragen
Erhebungszeitraum: Abhängig von gewähltem Jahr und Welle

Ihr Investment:

1.500,00 €

zzgl. MwSt.

Das erhalten Sie:

  • tabellarische Aufbereitung der Ergebnisse nach Alter (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+), Geschlecht, Bundesland sowie Haushaltsgröße

  • Rohdatensatz

  • Infografik

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