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Our Mission

Unite leaders worldwide to create a more sustainable, healthy and inclusive world

Connecting the world’s most influential business leaders with policy makers, academic, investors and entrepreneurs to jointly take action on the SDGs & 2050 climate goals.

There is no Planet B

Our vision is to create an entrepreneurial task force

We draw from a remarkable community of C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, academics, digital leaders and investors to make our rebuilt societies better, healthier, more resilient, more equitable and more sustainable.

Our vision is to create an entrepreneurial task force that commits to shaping truly hybrid organisations that use our existing assets to build solutions that have a meaningful, lasting impact.

We are forward thinking leaders striving to create an impact

Game-changing entrepreneurs

We turn challenges into opportunities and create scalable business models that challenge the status quo, and set new global standards.

Business leaders

We drive markets, impact millions with our services, and scale positive change globally. We take our responsibility seriously and take action for a better world.

Academics and thought leaders

We provide academic evidence for groundbreaking research and innovations stimulating private and public leaders to spearhead sustainability.

Policymakers & representatives

We provide the regulatory framework and core infrastructure of the future enabling cities and countries to move towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Impact investors

We find and fund solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges by backing future-driven founders and their ambitious ventures.

How we activate action

Empowering collaborative insights
Creating collaborative insights between our members ranging from direct introductions to sharing best practices, solutions, ideas, talents, and challenges in industries and organizations as well as summarizing and providing status quo knowledge.
Enabling triple bottom line solutions
Working groups analyzing and creating instruments and white papers to implement, measure, and scale triple bottom line solutions and their impact (people, profit, planet) in existing and new environments.
Facilitating alliances & coordinated action
Facilitation of alliances between relevant stakeholders with the objective to jointly create, build, and scale triple bottom line solutions on an industrial scale to cut carbon emissions and enable impactful health systems.

Our Mission

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a rapid, comprehensive transformation – technologically, economically, socially and politically. To shape this transformation, we must take collective responsibility. Fightback showcases how to embrace digitalization and how to overcome disruption.”

Klaus Schwab,
Founder and Executive Chairman,
World Economic Forum

We are forward thinking leaders striving to create an impact

Brigitte Mohn – Board member, Bertelsmann Foundation and Entrepreneur
“Entrepreneurs and business leaders must embrace their social responsibility. As we move forward, we have to actively redesign the industries, build new innovative structures and develop new value chains in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. FightBack shows how to take action for this renewed inventive leadership.”
Nicolas Brusson – Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, BlaBlaCar
"Digital transformation is one of the biggest changes of our time, and we cannot escape it. Traditional business models are being turned on their head. Fightback helps leaders to constantly reinvent themselves."
Martina Larkin – Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
"We must act with a great sense of urgency to move out of this crisis and reset our global systems. The good news is that we have significant technologies at our disposal, along with human ingenuity and skills to develop new and meaningful solutions to cope with these emerging challenges. FightBack shows us a way forward."
Anne Berner – Entrepreneur and Finland’s former Minister of Transport and Communications
"To solve global challenges in the context of demographic change, care, an equitable working environment or climate change, we must shift our mind-set. Fightback stands for a shifting mind-set."
Sebastian Copeland – Polar explorer, author, lecturer, and environmental activist
"Nature is on our doorstep, so it is hardly surprising that it should come knocking. Consequently, there has never been a more pressing time to adjust our relationship from confrontational to synergistic. The collision course we have been on has reached a fever pitch that should get everyone moving. It has placed considerable pressure on the market for stakeholders, but it has also opened up a lot of opportunity. FightBack shows us a way forward for how to seize this opportunity.”
Marcus Wallenberg – Vice Chair, Investor AB
“There are so many opportunities for traditional industry to benefit from digitization - we have just scratched the surface. Fightback provides food for thought and  inspiration as to how such opportunities could be realized.”
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